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security is the clear differentiator

Compare the stratafax solution to other outsourced fax offerings and you’ll quickly find there is no comparison when it comes to security.


Whether you are choosing an on-premise or on-line fax solution, security should be a key consideration in your evaluation. stratafax utilizes the etherFAX transport, which offers a level of security known as “Defense-in-Depth.”


The Defense-in-Depth method is a comprehensive approach to information and electronic security, which employs a layering tactic conceived by the National Security Agency (NSA.)


We start with a secure communication channel over HTTPS that ensures the connection between the client and the back-end services is fully secure. Once this secure channel has been established, each customer is authenticated using unique account credentials. In addition, the stratafax web service model further encrypts and protects the fax transmission on a “message level,” as an added layer of protection beyond the already secure HTTPS channel. These fax transactions are then processed in a secure and encrypted database utilizing the same standards.




With stratafax, the fax transmissions are happening through an aggregation of virtual ports, so you will never experience any downtime or busy signals regardless of fax traffic fluctuations. Further, because no phone lines, fax lines, or other hardware are required, you can easily and cost-effectively achieve fail-over protection without incurring the cost of redundant fax hardware. The result is 99.9% reliability.



With HIPAA audits becoming more common, companies are looking for an electronic fax solution that will ensure they are meeting the requirements of a HIPAA audit. stratafax utilizes the etherFAX transport, which is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, ensuring all fax transmissions are secure and help meet the stringent HIPAA compliance requirements of healthcare organizations.