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free yourself from fax hardware

stratafax is the ideal solution for companies looking for a simple, reliable and cost-effective alternative to on-premise fax machines and fax servers.


Using stratafax is as easy as using email. Our intuitive user interface makes it simple for users to send, receive, and manage their inbound and outbound fax messages. Plus, with the stratafax print driver, sending a document via fax is as easy as sending it to the printer.


stratafax is safe and secure. The stratafax solution leverages the “cloud” to terminate all inbound and outbound faxes, making all images, transmissions, and proprietary information transparent. These faxes are then stored securely on your server(s) and/or desktop computers within your firewall.


However, unlike traditional fax server architectures, stratafax frees your organization from phone lines, fax boards, media gateways, and other fax transmission hardware. That means no failed boards, no compatibility issues, and no hardware headaches. And because these faxes are being sent and received through an aggregation of virtual ports, you save big on fax transmission costs and never get a busy signal regardless of fax traffic fluctuations.


the advantages of stratafax

Free your company of costly software maintenance and hardware headaches.


  • The most secure cloud-based fax service available, utilizing a multi-layered security model known as Defense-in-Depth.
  • Quick and easy setup for inbound and outbound faxing.
  • No phone lines, fax boards, media gateways or any other hardware to maintain.
  • Never lose a fax and never let your customers hear a busy signal.
  • Scalable and “four 9’s” reliable